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How to Use Giants Effectively in Clash of Clans

Use of Giants in Clash of Clans

Giant is the major character in Clash of Clans game. Efficient use of giants in this game can lead to an excellent upgrade of new levels. This can be achieved by combining both defensive and offensive strategies in the match. Such strategies include:

Combining Arches and Giants in your army camp. Giants will distract all erected buildings while Arches will wipe and take away everything easily. When commencing the raid, consider sending several Giants near the motor wizard. Send wall breakers immediately the motor hits the wizard to ensure the giant breaks through. Visit The American Jesus and use their free Clash of Clans hack!

How to Use Giants Effectively in Clash of Clans

Ensure you use giants to raid when they are in groups. Giants in the clash of clan games are very strong in health but with low attacking power. Also, Giants are very weak against defenses thus there is great need to group them. When attacking, use Giants to shield yourself while deploying and commanding other damaging troops to devastate other buildings.

An effective strategy will involve sending many Clash of Clans Giants together with one or more healers. Healers are so weak and vulnerable to air defense traitors. To counter this challenge, it advisable you place a Giant together with Wall Breakers to pave the way for the Healer.

Ensure that you eliminate all defensive troops on the ground since giants are ignorant of any trap provided they can see a defensive building. Place strategic gaps near Walls since Giants are susceptible of springs traps due to their patterned movements. The Giant is best used as a tanking unit to soak up fire to damage or break down walls.

Giants are excellent good to defend Clan Castle Troops. This is attributed to the fact that they have good health and thus multiple offensive units will be required to dispatch them. Also, the Giants take a long time to die and there using them to defend your castle troop will delay enemies attack.

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